The First Security Amphitheater operates several venue policies under Federal Law and The Little Rock City Code. Please read through these and observe them closely during your visit. Remember that these are in place for your maximum enjoyment of, but primarily your safety and security, and that of other guests, staff, and performers, during your visit to the First Security Amphitheater.


Smoking is not allowed in the River Market public parks. This also applies to the First Security Amphitheater. Smoking is generally not encouraged, but if you must do so, please first exit the Amphitheater grounds.

Prohibited Items and Behaviors

Fireworks, firearms and laser pointers are not permitted within the First Security Amphitheater. Guests are not allowed to throw objects, as they might injure performers or other guests. Seated guests are not permitted to stand on their seats, as this will obstruct the view of guests behind them. Re-entry to the amphitheater is generally not permitted, though exceptions may be made under some circumstances with special permit from management. Any guest perceived by management to be acting under the influence of substances or alcohol may be refused entry or asked to leave the premises.

Permitted Items

The following items are typically permitted at First Security Amphitheater shows, though this may vary on a show-by-show basis. Please check the details of your particular show if in any doubt.

Permitted items usually include: non-professional audio and video equipment, blankets, umbrellas, lawn chairs, strollers and playpens, and food and beverage purchased on site.